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Events in the ports

over 2 years ago
Written by Helene Spurkeland
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Events in the ports

over 2 years agoPorts
Written by Helene Spurkeland

There is a lot of activities on board the ship, also when Statsraad Lehmkuhl is at port. So far during the One Ocean Expedition, the ship has visited four European cities: La Coruña, Lisbon, Cadiz and Las Palmas. Kongsberg Maritime is one of the expedition´s partners who has used this opportunity well.

- We see The One Ocean Expedition as an important communicator of knowledge about the ocean that we would like to be a part of, says Yrjar Garshol, Vice President Marketing at Kongsberg Maritime.

In both Cadiz and Las Palmas, they invited guests to join their events on board. In addition to meeting the ship's captain, enjoying good food and drink in beautiful surroundings, the guests were also introduced to parts of the technical equipment that Kongsberg Maritime has installed on board the ship.

- More than 80% of our business operations are linked to the ocean, and we take seriously the challenge of securing healthy oceans for the future. Our events on board Statsraad Lehmkuhl gives us a golden opportunity to tell people about how our technology can be used for greener operations. On this expedition, our technology is, among other things, a central part of the collection of research data. With our sensors and infrastructure, the ship can collect a large range of scientific data and make it available in real time throughout the voyage, says Garshol.

Statsraad Lehmkuhl gives Yrjar Garshol and Kongsberg Maritime a golden opportunity to talk about their engagement for cleaner ocean.

Kongsberg Maritime has plans for several more events during the expedition. In several ports, they will co-organize events in collaboration with some of One Oceans other 43 partners.

Haakon Vatle, director of the Statsraad Lehmkuhl foundation and project manager for The One Ocean Expedition, is very pleased that both Kongsberg Maritime and other partners see the value of using the ship for events in the ports.

- We want to emphasize the importance of the joint events that the partners carry out during the short time we are at port. These events provide a strong and positive attention that the individual partner will probably not be able to create on their own. they also contribute to strengthening the community internally in the expedition, says Vatle.

Yrjar Garshol experiences that Kongsberg Maritime's participation in the expedition has generated a great deal of attention internally in his own organization.

- Our value in this project is that we can relate our sustainability goals to specific measures that are highlighted through The One Ocean Expedition. Through profiling as a partner, we have achieved strong visibility for taking the UN's sustainability goals seriously. At the actual events in the ports, customer participation has exceeded our expectations, says Garshol.

Catering from local suppliers on Lehmkuhl's main deck in Las Palmas.
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