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Photo: Hanna Thevik

- We need more female sailors

over 2 years ago
Written by Hanna Thevik, Ronald Toppe
Life on board > - We need more female sailors

- We need more female sailors

over 2 years agoLife on board
Written by Hanna Thevik, Ronald Toppe
Photo: Hanna Thevik

Sailor Signi Maersk Svendsen has a clear message to her fellow sisters. - I enjoy very much working at sea. It's a good profession and a nice place to be.

Of the 72 cadets from the Naval Academy who are on board the Statsraad Lehmkuhl, only 17 are girls. There is also a predominance of men among the crew.

- As one of the women here, I think it's cool that I can show that this is a job we are as capable of doing as the men, says cadet Ingrid Emilie Rokstad.

She comes from a family of sailors, and wants to maintain the tradition.

- The fact that I can continue that tradition as a woman at sea is something I am very proud of.

At the International Women's Day on March 8, the content producer on board, Hanna Thevik, had a chat with some of the other girls:

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